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Women's nutritional needs vary widely as we journey through the various stages of life. It is important to know and understand our body's unique needs through these phases in order to maintain health and preserve optimum wellness.

Before any recommendations or programs are suggested, a complete nutrition assessment is done to identify the client's calorie needs, percent body fat, waist measurement and body mass index.



Are you eating right for a healthy menopause? Your nutritional needs are changing as well as your metabolism. Our one hour consultation will help you to improve your mid life health.

We provide nutrition counseling to help you eat right for a healthy menopause. The focus is on making the best nutritious food choices for the prevention of weight gain and/or to help you lose weight to a healthier weight.

  • Daily exercise is encouraged
  • Balance, moderation and portion control is emphasized
  • Label reading is also reviewed
  • Helpful educational material is provided


Are you eating right for a healthy pregnancy?

Our one hour consultation will help you learn how to eat properly for a healthy pregnancy. We focus on helping you to make the best nutritious food choices in order to gain the appropriate amount of weight and/or to slow down the rate of weight gain.
  • Current dietary habits are reviewed and discussed
  • Healthy recommendations are given
  • A sample meal plan is given to help guide you in making the best food choices for you and your baby
  • Label reading is discussed and reviewed
  • Helpful educational material is given



What Our Clients Say

"I was referred to Becky by my cardiologist. I thought working with her to start a cardio related diet, would be like having a drill sargeant looking over my shoulder. What I found was a delightful professional that helped me change my eating and exercise habits and assisted me in creating a new lifestyle. This was a marvelous experience and a life saving decision for me."
-- M. Sandoval, President & Ceo of Phelps Dodge International Corporation, Coral Gables, Florida