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Personalized individual counseling will provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of dealing and relieving the discomfort often associated with digestive disorders .



Dealing with Digestive Health Issues

Are you having difficulty tolerating certain foods due to digestive tract conditions ie Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Acid reflux (GERD)?

Do you have trouble choosing and preparing foods in fear that it may make your condition worse?

Our one hour consultation will help you in choosing the best and most nutritious foods for your condition.

We review your current dietary habits and make recommendations to help improve your digestive health.

Helpful Educational material is given.



What Our Clients Say

"I have known Becky for over two years. She was introduced to me by my physical therapist who had a high regardĀ for her nutritional guidance. I used her program and found it to be very useful in not only losing weight but more importantly in developing a healthier life style. I highly recommend her program. You will not find a more dedicated and encouraging individual." --C. Cortes