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Personalized individual counseling will provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of diabetes. 

Before any recommendations or programs are suggested, a complete nutrition assessment is done to identify the client's calorie needs, percent body fat, waist measurement and body mass index.


Effectively Managing and Living With Diabetes

Are you having difficulty managing your blood sugar or weight due to diabetes? Is choosing the right foods that are best for you and provide the nutrition you need a challenge?

Our comprehensive consultation teaches you how to achieve optimal blood sugar control. A review of diabetes medications, blood glucose monitoring and meal planning is also provided.

Helpful Educational material is given.



What Our Clients Say

"For almost six years I suffered through the frustrations of being overweight. I tried well-known diets and even designed my own diets, but nothing seemed to work. Rebecca won't put you on a diet. She'll teach you how to change your eating habits and she'll be there every step of the way to offer support and encouragement. She is a knowledgeable, caring professional and there's no question that she will help you if you follow her guidelines."