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weight loss
A one month individual nutrition counseling program with an emphasis on helping you make healthy lifestyle choices.  

The program includes an initial visit, follow-up, a comprehensive nutrition assessment, measurement of body fat, weight, and waist measurements.

Also included:

  • A review of current dietary habits with goals
  • Ongoing monitoring of dietary intake
  • Computerized nutrition intake analysis
  • Written recommendations with meal plan
Maintenance programs are available after completion of initial program.

What Our Clients Say

"For almost six years I suffered through the frustrations of being overweight. I tried well-known diets and even designed my own diets, but nothing seemed to work. Rebecca won't put you on a diet. She'll teach you how to change your eating habits and she'll be there every step of the way to offer support and encouragement. She is a knowledgeable, caring professional and there's no question that she will help you if you follow her guidelines."